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Paula was born in England and moved to NYC in 1978. She developed her clairvoyance and mediumship at the highly respected Spiritualist Assn of Great Britain in London. She has since been credited with having sensitivity considerably beyond chance or average e.s.p. - 'super psi'.

Also while living in London she attended the American Franklin School of Contemporary Studies where she learned handwriting analysis (graphology) with Patricia Marne, an authority in the field and author of many books.

Paula has been working full time as a clairvoyant counsellor for over many years and has built a large international clientele from all walks of life. She is known for her strict code of confidentiality, honesty and, of course, her accuracy.

She has continued to do experimental work as a paranormal investigator (ghost-hunter in other words) and has been documented in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research for her accuracy in divining ghostly activity. This is an area she is passionately interested in.

 She has been honoured with an archive in the University of West Georgia, Library of Special Interests. There she is in the company of the great names on parapsychology. Her archive (90 lbs!) holds all her experimental work as well as all her tv shows, radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles. The work in her archive is available, by applying to the University, to study. The link to look at the list of contents is on the first page of this website.

Her eBook 'Unlocking the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting' was available at Amazon.com. 

Her annual predictions have been in the Cindy Adams' column in the N.Y. Post for many years (with a high degree of success).

Her main focus is, and always will be, on her client work as she considers that to be her calling. 


To learn more about the Spiritualist Assn of Great Britain, please click.