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Paula left her hometown of London in 1978 and moved to NYC  to start a new life.

Since she was a very small child, she was always aware of the constant presence of spirit. While still in London she, very briefly, attended the Spiritualist Assn. of Great Britain, but quickly realized that she was already a fully-fledged medium, not in need of any training. As she expanded her work into ghost-hunting and remote viewing, it was apparent that her gifts were natural, not as a result of any formal teachings.  

Also while in London, she took classes at the American Franklin School of Contemporary Studies where she learned handwriting analysis (graphology) with Patricia Marne, a leader authority in the field and author of many books. She also found she had a natural ability with this subject (while staying within the field and not as part of her psychic ability) and continues to use it daily.

Soon after arriving in NYC, she had her own life call-in local tv show and began her career of working as a clairvoyant counsellor. She has a very large international clientele from all walks of life. Her reputation is built upon her strict code of confidentiality, honesty and, of course, her accuracy.

She met Dr. Michaeleen Maher in about 1984 and began her path of paranormal investigations (ghost-hunting). Her very first experiment was at the General Wayne Inn which was filmed for Unsolved Mysteries in 1988 and is still available online (series 1, episode 7). She immediately identified the ghost most frequently seen there, a Hessian soldier. Their work together on projects has been documented in the American Society for Psychical Research. Amongst her many investigations she worked was the very haunted glorious home of Joan Rivers!  She has been credited with having 'Super Psi' - a sensititivity considerably beyond chance or average e.s.p. Dr. Maher studied with Ruth Schmeilder and Paula always appreciated the strict protocols she used.

Dr. Maher introduced her to Ingo Swann in 1996 when she correctly 'saw' the issues in his home after which they became close personal friends for many years. During that time, she occasionally did some remote viewing sessions with Ingo (again with no training as she is considered to be a psychic remote viewers rather than a trained one) and had some extraordinary findings e.g. under the Great Pyramid and the interior of the Moon. Years later she came across other people's work on both of these site and noticed the similarity of results.

Paula has been given the rare honor of having an archive in the University of West Georgia, in the Library of Special Interests. She is in the company of many of the great names in the field of parapsychology, including Ingo Swann. Her achive (90lbs+) holds all her experimental works as well as her numerous tv shows, radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles, including the 30+ years of successfully forecasting world predictions for Cindy Adams in the NY Post. She continues to add material to her collection. All this work is available to study by applying to the University.