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Clairvoyant Counselling

Paula ensures that the counselling sessions give clear, concise information and that every client is better prepared for what lies ahead. Also better able to make informed decisions and choices as a result of their session.

Sessions last approximately one hour. Because it is often impossible to recall everything said over the length of a session, clients are strongly advised to take a recording of their session. They will then be able to review and absorb what has taken place at their leisure.

Initial sessions always include personal handwriting analysis of the client, and, if applicable, that of anyone else's for compability.

Readings are done in person, but if the client does not live near NYC, then sessions are arranged either by 'phone or Skype, anywhere in the world. Over the years many clients moved away, sometimes overseas, and other clients I have never met in person, but all find that 'phone or Skype sessions work very well indeed.


Paula has very extensive experience of working at both private and corporate events.Using her gifts as a clairvoyant and/or handwriting analyst, she is able to give your guests a unique gift - something entirely personal that could only relate to them.

Paula is able to relate to all of your guests and give them a fast but accurate mini-reading. It is always the hit of the evening with inevitably a very long line. She was recently described as "Adding class to any event with a 'Downton Abbey' accent while being very gifted".

Speaking Engagements

Paula is an experienced and much sought after speaker. She brings to her lectures a lifetime of experience with e.s.p., handwriting analysis and, perhaps the most popular of all, ghost-hunting.

So far as ghost-hunting is concerned, Paula sometimes works with Karl Petry ("I See Dead People") on both supposedly haunted sites and at lectures. When working together, they frequently use videos to illustrate their work.