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Clairvoyant Counselling

The point of clairvoyant counselling is to provide a person with insight - insight into themselves, the situations in which they find themselves and the people around them. That will enable the client to understand his or her past situation better, see the road ahead more clearly and to make informed choices and decisions.

A genuine clairvoyant will provide you with accurate information about people, events and situations that are personal and meaningful to you, but of which he or she could have had no prior knowledge.

That information might relate to the past or the present. A genuine clairvoyant will also relay information about the future as it relates to your life that will prove accurate as events unfold. A reputable clairvoyant may well ask their clients to take a recording of their sessions, as they may not be able to absorb all that has been said. They can then refer to it as time goes on.

Many clairvoyants will also talk to you about your personality, character, traits, talents, strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly likely to be the case when something about you personally has an immediate bearing on present or future events. Where opportunities may be seized or pitfalls avoided, for example.

All information will be given in a clear, concise and readily understandable manner.

You may expect honesty, integrity and discretion from any genuine clairvoyant. Anything you say during a session will be held in complete confidence. You may be sure that anything your your Counsellor says to you will reach no ears but your own. Clairvoyance is not a conscious activity. Few clairvoyants remember much - if anything - of what they say when they are working.

 Sessions are in person if the client lives in or near NYC - otherwise, readings are given either over the 'phone or by Skype - anywhere in the world.


Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis (or Graphology) is a method of identifying, evaluating and understanding a person's character throught the shapes and forms of letters revealed in his or her cursive handwriting. It is a reliable tool for determining such traits as stability, risk-taking and judgment and can be used to gauge compatibility levels between two people.

You wil be asked to provde a specimen of your own handwriting in script/cursive. If you would like a compatibility study done, it will be necessary to provide a sample, again in script/cursive of, preferably, at least a couple of lines.